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Top 100+ Things You May Not Know about Me...


  1. I NOW OWN A TRUCK!!!!

  2. My favorite slang words are CHA and D.I.S.T.O.L.

  3. Cory is my number one priority, the reason I live

  4. In another life I believe I was a fish because I love to swim so much

  5. I believe in angels but have a hard time believing in God

  6. I know it is not good for me but I love Pepsi

  7. I collect intricate and detailed clipper ships

  8. When no one was looking, I tried to spin around like Wonder Woman

  9. I dressed up as a woman twice, but only for Halloween... REALLY!

  10. I speak German

  11. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, gas and felt tip markers

  12. Vampire blood is somewhere in my heritage.

  13. My left nipple is pierced

  14. I love contagious laughter

  15. Blue is my favorite color

  16. I wanted to grow up to be a jet fighter pilot

  17. I love to kiss SLOWLY, listen to SLOW music and breath SLOWLY

  18. I love to drive FAST, dance to a FAST beat and eat FAST

  19. I love to watch a storm outside, see lightning, hear the thunder

  20. I love to sing in karaoke bars, in showers and in my car

  21. I hate snakes, spiders and wasps

  22. I drink Wine Coolers, Beer and Rumplemintz!

  23. I have never smoked a cigarette

  24. If I ever loved someone as friend or lover, I will always love them

  25. I bite my finger nails

  26. I like to write fiction stories

  27. The celebrity I resemble most is Karl Urban from Xena

  28. I used to have a long, fake braid weaved into my hair (LONG time ago :)

  29. Janet Jackson introduced me to music and dance and attitude

  30. One day I would love to own my own comic book store

  31. I have lived to be at least 30 years old, but Chad is still 4 months older than me

  32. I used to be afraid of horses, but now I love horseback riding

  33. I have never broke a single bone in my body... but lots of scratches

  34. I used to be a Boy Scout

  35. I collected Transformers toys for 5 years, but then someone stole them all!

  36. My car was stolen once and recovered 3 days later beaten up but drivable

  37. Before I had my license, I used to 'borrow' my dad's car and drive to Perkins late at night

  38. I have never cheated on my significant other, ever

  39. I can type very fast

  40. I can sign the abc's

  41. The person in my life who has inspired me the most is my mother

  42. I am intrigued by tornados, but I have never seen one

  43. My mother locked me out of my house until I confronted (and beat up) a bully from school

  44. I found out that my mother had a miscarriage before me, I almost didn't happen

  45. I STILL don't know where my parents got the nickname Toby from

  46. I go by James, not Jim or Jim Bob or Jamie, very seldom by Jimmy (except for you Moosy :)

  47. For years I thought my birthday was January 20, a Capricorn, but later found out it was the 22nd, making me an Aquarius

  48. I love to read comic books, but I can barely read a novel

  49. I have seen Niagara Falls and it is beautiful

  50. My grandfather and grandmother died of cancer... um .... help?

  51. I am a meat and potatoes kinda guy, who also like Mexican and Italian food too

  52. I have never been into sports

  53. The first song I ever memorized was 9 to 5 by Dolly Pardon

  54. I memorized the poem Road Less Traveled by Robert Frost 20 years ago & still know it

  55. I have have a photographic memory

  56. I LOVE cats, I tolerate dogs

  57. I love to take hot baths surrounded by candles

  58. Halloween is my favorite holiday

  59. I have always put up a tree every Christmas

  60. Easter is my least favorite holiday

  61. The birth of my son was the coolest and grossest thing I've ever seen

  62. I am not related to Gilbert Gottfried

  63. I make love, not sex

  64. I love Xena because she reminds me of my first love, Wonder Woman

  65. I am easily hypnotized by light blue eyes

  66. I have kissed at least a dozen female celebrities on the hand

  67. I have learned the hard way that you never realize what you have until its gone

  68. I have made tribute music videos of people I love... my son, my mother, Todd

  69. My advice to someone else? Life isn't about the beginning or end, it's about everything in between

  70. I believe no one is ever ugly if they can smile

  71. I have learned to ask for help if I need it

  72. PEPSI, the choice of the next generation... and myself!

  73. I love to dress up, as Cupid, the Joker, an angel, you name it, I'll do it

  74. I own over 4000 comic books and I've collected them since 1985

  75. My first crush was on my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Dixon, who later married and broke my heart

  76. I had no idea that a Davenport was a couch

  77. I am entranced by Australian and New Zealand accents

  78. I bite my finger nails

  79. I usually wear a pinky ring

  80. I don't normally wear contacts, but I have worn white contacts for costumes (very creepy)

  81. I used to be optimistic and naive, but now I am realistic and sterner

  82. I am an uncle to some of my brother's children that I have never met

  83. My father had 13 siblings!!!

  84. I own a dagger, but I'll never own a gun

  85. I believe size doesn't matter, it's the motion of the ocean that counts

  86. The Muppet I am most like is Kermit

  87. The Muppet my son is most like is Elmo

  88. I HATE Snow White's voice

  89. Funniest thing I ever heard my son say: After bitching about some idiot on the road, my son told me I should think those thoughts, 
    not say them, because they can't hear me anyways

  90. I love red hots candy and hot tamale candy and tootsie rolls

  91. If I could meet any celebrity in the world and have dinner, it would be with Janet Jackson

  92. I used to take Karate, I still remember a few moves

  93. I tried sushi once... and that was the last time too

  94. My favorite saying to people who call me a name: ".... and you blend?"

  95. I think plants bring a room to life

  96. I love elephants only because my mother collected them, they remind me of her

  97. I have a tattoo that goes all the way around my left bicep

  98. I also have a tattoo of the letter J on my index finger on my left hand

  99. I hate to hear myself speak on any recording

  100. I can't live with guilt and have a hard time lying about anything

  101. I have always believed for some reason that I'd only live to be 40 years old

  102. Web and advertising computer design is my career and I am very compassionate about it

  103. Every year for my son's birthday I give him a drawing that I personalize, like Simpsons, Toy Story, etc.

  104. I love mirrors and plants, they bring a room to life

  105. I can type about 80 words per minute.