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20 Something...

LOTS happened to me during 1990 and 2000. I went to college to become a graphic designer,
I got MARRIED! I had a beautiful baby boy (actually my wife did), but then I divorced, I found a job in my field,
 I cut off my LONG beautiful hair, I got a armband tattoo, I got my nipple pierced and countless other things that made
my life no where near boring. My friends loved to hear about my life because it was so much a soap opera!!

Rollerblade Man


One of the COOLEST places I've ever been was Hawaii. We visited the island of Kuai and it was so gorgeous. I snorkled, kayaked, hiked, swam, and found hidden waterfalls, beautiful mountain scapes and sea slugs!!


OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Well, it didn't hurt that much. 3 hours of getting a tattoo may seem long, but it was so worth it. I was visiting my aunt in Ohio and ON A WHIM decided I wanted one. We checked on prices and found a decent, reputable and affordable tattooist. I found a great simple tribal design and I am now marked for life! Actually, I have a tattoo of the letter J on my left index finger. I was 12 at the time!! My father almost killed me. But oh well :) And if that wasn't enough PAIN, I also decided to get my nipple pierced.... now that really HURT! Only the initial PUNCTURE, after that, no biggie :)