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Grandma McKnight
or Melda McDanial

Cindy, Grandma

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My mother's mother was as fiesty and strong willed as they come. She watched over me a lot as a child and that is probably where I get my determination. After I graduated high school, I moved to Ohio for a couple months. Although the trip was supposed to be permanent, things didn't work out and I moved back to Minnesota. Later that year, 1989, Grandma died of Leukemia. She refused to take the chemotherapy any more and decided to let life take control. I miss her terribly. It was one thing to lose my mother, it was another to lose her. I drove all the way back to Indiana for the funeral and didn't cry a tear until the pastor said "Melda wouldn't have wanted everyone to be sad." That was so true, but I still couldn't help missing her. I felt it was fate that I was supposed to spend those couple months with her before she died.