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Summer Fun! June July 2001

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cory_grandma_statefair.jpg (42954 bytes)cory_grandma_statefair2.jpg (53124 bytes)cory_grandma_statefair3.jpg (52344 bytes)todd_boys.jpg (244913 bytes)
Grandma Sheela takes Cory & Ryan to State Fair

xom_horseback.jpg (67396 bytes)cory_riding_horse.jpg (27979 bytes)cory_riding_horse2.jpg (38796 bytes)
Our friend Joy comes and visits and we all go horseback riding!
Cory's first horse ride alone!

cory_steven_valleyfair.jpg (40387 bytes)cory_steven_valleyfair2.jpg (38252 bytes)cory_steven_valleyfair3.jpg (52699 bytes)cory_steven_valleyfair4.jpg (39723 bytes)cory_steven_valleyfair5.jpg (40139 bytes)
Dad takes Cory and Steven to Valleyfair!

cory_waterfall.jpg (27581 bytes)josh_nephew_water.jpg (17140 bytes)ryan_waterfall.jpg (23787 bytes)
The boys get soaked under the waterfall
My brother Mickey's family, Cory, Todd, Ryan and I go to Valleyfair

cory_ride_bike.jpg (22560 bytes)
Cory rides the bike ALONE for the first time!