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Wonder Woman Comic Book

1. The Princess and the Power

George Perez - WW/Amazon History

February 1987
2. A Fire in the Sky   1st Steve Trevor  

3. Deadly Arrival


4. A Long Day’s Journey Into Fright

1st Decay


5. The Ares Assault


6. Powerplay


7. Rebirth



8. Time Passages


9. Blood of the Cheetah

1st Cheetah


10. Paradise Lost

Challenge of the Gods


11. Fire & Torment

Challenge of the Gods


12. Echoes of the Past

Challenge of the Gods


13. Demonplague

Challenge of the Gods,Millineum


14. For the Glory of Gaea

Heracles released


15. Swan Song

1st Silver Swan


16. Bird of Paradise/Bird of Prey


17. Traces

1st Circe


18. Creatures of the Dark


19. Witch in the Tower


20. Who Killed Myndi Mayer


21. Cosmic Migration


22. Through Destiny’s Door


23. God Among Men


24. Combat Zone

Last George Perez


25. The Burning School

Invasion  -


26. The Innocent Storm



27. From Day into Night


28. Jungle Sacrament

Cheetah returns


29. Bloodvine


30. To Live By The Sword


31. The Savage Moon


32. Meanwhile in Themyscira


33. Secrets in the Sand


34. Tournament of the Crown


35. Journey’s End


36. Changes in the Wind


37. Stranger in Paradise

1st Eris


38. Forbidden Fruit


39. Poisoned Souls


40. Divided We Fall


41. The Ties That Bond


42. The Silver Wing of Terror

Silver Swan returns


43. The Armageddon Aria


44. Caged


45. Legacy


46. Chalk Drawings

Suicide of Lucy


47. Common Ground

Troia App


48. Fang & Claw


49. Look Back in Wonder


50. Embrace the Coming Dawn


51. Speeding Image


52. Shards


53. Welcome to my Nightmare


54. Mind Games


55. Psycho Path

1st Dr. Psycho


56. Victims


57. The Fugitive Kind


58. Atlas Shrugs

War of the Gods


59. Tales From the Front Lines

War of the Gods


60. Blood and Sand

War of the Gods


61. To Avenge an Amazon

War of the Gods


62. Pages Turned Special 1 - Operation: Cheetah


63. Operation: Cheetah 2


64. The Heart of the City


65. Fever Dream

Dr. Psycho returns


66. A Sudden Deadly Leap

Diana goes into space


67. Barren Rocky & Cold


68. Breaking Bonds


69. Noble Pyrates All


70. Once I was A Slave


71. Home Again


72. The Song of Creation

Diana returns from space


73. Losses


74. Greatness Calls


75. The Last True HEro


76. Knowledge


77. Worst Moments


78. The Fast Contract

Flash appearance


79. Taking the Spear


80. It’s Never A Good Way to Die


81. And Then She Fell to Earth


82. The Path to War


83. The Human Maze


84. Ares Rising, Amazon Song


85. Black Dark Destiny


86. Turning Point


87. No Quarter NO Sanctuary


88. Dead Again

Superman appearance


89. Home

NEW Writer: Mike Deodato, Jr.


90. Homeward Gazing



0. The Blind Eyes of Time



91. The Last Great Game

92. The Contest Lost    

93. Violent Beginnings

NEW Wonder Woman: Artemis

94. Poison, Claws, & Death

Vs. Cheetah, Cheshire & Poison Ivy

95. Poison, Claws, & Death 2

96. Joker’s Holiday

Vs. Joker

97. Dance of Chaos

98. Sisters

99. The Rest of the Story

100.Fall of an Amazon

Death of Artemis as Wonder Woman

101.Second Genesis

  John Byrne Starts

102.Second Genesis 2

Vs. Darkseid

103.Second Genesis 3

104.Second Genesis 4


Vs. Morgan Le Fay, Etrigan

106.Lifelines 2

107.Lifelines 3

108.Lifelines 4

109.Level 1

Vs Barry Allen, 1st Flash

110.Level 2

Vs. Sinestro

111. Level 3

112. Level 4

Vs. Doomsday

113. Level 5

NEW Wonder Girl

114. Nightmare Alley

Vs. Dr. Psycho

115. The Men Who Moved The World 1

116. The Men Who Moved The World 2

117. The Men Who Moved The World 3

1st Invisible Jet

118. Claws

WW starts to revert to clay

119.In the Forest of the Night

Vs. Cheetah

120.Time Out Of Mind

Glimpse of Past, Turning to Clay

121.Stone May Grow

All Amazons Turn To Stone

122.Judgement of the Gods

Olympians Return

123.Hell Hath No Fury...

Vs Artemis, Demon

124.All My Sins Remembered

Vs Neron W/Artimes, Donna Troy


JLA app.

126.Where have all the Heroes Gone?

death of Wonder Woman


WW Becomes Goddess

128.Shell Game

Hippolyta as WW, vs Egg Fu

129.Harvest of Souls

Vs. Egg Fu

130.Unfamiliar Friends

Hippolyta & JSA meeting

131.Past Imperfect

132.Shadows Of The Past

Dark Angel & Hitler


Hippolyta stays in past

134.Who Is Donna Troy?

Only Flash & Hippolyta remember


Story of Diana’s twin, Donna


Donna reborn


Hippolyta with amnesia

138.The Loss

Vs. Circe

139.Gods & Monster

Godhood taken, WW exile to space

140.Trinity 1

Vs. Oblivion

141.Trinity 2

Superman, Batman App

142.The Bearing of the Soul

Tour of Wonderdome

143.Devastation Part 1 Tragedy

1st Devastation

144.Devastation Part 2 Preparation

145.Devastation 3 Death Begun

Origin of Devastation

146.Devastation 4 Annhilation

Death of Devastation

147.Godwar: Revolution

Diana powerless, Zeus defeated

148.Godwar: Retreat

Help from Rama

149.Godwar: Assault

Attack on Hindu dieties

150.Godwar: Conquest

Gods working together

151.The Pandora Virus 1

Rama becomes Kali

152.The Pandora Virus 2

Devastation returns

153.Mad About The Boy

Wonder Girl/Superboy

154.Three Hearts 1

155. Three Hearts 2, Lies

156.Devastation The Return

157.Devastation Redemption

158.Devastation Initiation


DC 1 Million: Legends

853 Century: Visits Venus


4. Moments

5. Moments Part 2    

30. The 18th Letter, A Love Story


1. Wonder Woman    

2. Wonder Woman  



1. Donna Troy

4. Once and Future Story


1.      Darkness Fallen

WW (Hippolyta) Vs. Dark Angel


1.      Womanly Deed, Manly Word

Hippolyta (WW) & Hawkwoman

  SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS                 

761.          For A Thousand Years…

Wonder Woman/Lois Lane


1.      Amazons


2.      The Game of the Name


3.      Shadows & Eclipses

Eclipso, the Darkness Within

4.      Ancient Blood & Stone


5.       The Unremembered


6.      Necropolis

Diana as Teenager on Themyscira

7.        The Distance Gone


8.      A Thin Gold Line

JLApe Gorilla Warfare

Wonder Woman