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The sun shined brightly as I walked down the street
A few friends from school is who I was going to meet
But a sight caught my eye as I passed by the café
I freeze in step as clouds roll in and immediately it started to rain.

Hair clung to my face as water rolled down my cheeks
A drowned rat in the rain like I'd been there for weeks
The window illuminated a view I knew would arrive
There he sat holding the hand of his brand new guy

His lips moved slowly as he spoke silent words
I couldn't hear what he was saying but the words I have heard
The same things he said to me when he held my hand so tight
At the time everything he said seemed real and so right

The chill I felt then was not from the bitter cold pouring
It came from within me, a love that I'm still mourning
At the time his voice seemed to speak right from the heart
I wish I'd known how it would end right from the start.

My clothes soaked through, my eyes watered over,
I knew that I must eventually step out of the downpour
Find an umbrella to stop the cold from getting in
Realize that it wasn't me that brought it to an end 

The view won't change, it won't be my hand he'll hold again
No more messages of love or trust to me will he send
I was used to the rain now, but for my own health I knew I must go
As I turned from the window the rain slowly turned to snow

Endless was the sky as I peered into the falling flakes of winter
I hope that this pain is just a removable splinter
I face the future forward and wonder will I always end up alone
Is there a past indiscretion that I will forever have to atone

A hand softly lands on my shoulder as I turn to see
My friends standing there smiling back at me 
They will be my umbrella, they will help see me through
Surrounding myself with these friends is exactly what I should do.

Always JKG