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An. Artist, an author, a talented person,
          My mother was the best,

She portrayed the Road Runner,
          Fred Flintstone and Bugs Bunny with a delicate hand, 
She could look at something easily.
          and remake it in her own language,
She gave meaning to the phrase:
          "A picture is worth a thousand words." 
Philosophical, biographical, images of the dark,
          All topics for her sensational drafts.

I was young then,
          She didn't stay long,
Those images are now very vague,
          "I love you," she said,
The same, I thought'.

Elephants were her interest,
          Big, small, black, white, tusked, wild,
She unconsciously lived among those animals,
          She felt for them,
They were the symbol of her strength,
          And the stamina of her backbone,
Which abruptly became extinct,
          If only her ideas were her power.

She had seen so much in her life time,
          I bet her memories are priceless,
Her view of life was separated from her own,
          Although it'll live longer than any of us
Her memory will burn like an eternal flame within me.

An artist, an author, a talented person
          My mother Is the best in me.