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Never Forget...

If there is one constant in my life that I can count on,
It's the fact that nothing is forever, nothing stays the same,
If at any point in my life my dependence reached another,
It would only be a matter of time before they too were out of the game.

So I looked to myself and tried to be as strong as I could,
I let my imagination soar so that reality would never take root.
A loner I was called and that was just fine by me.
Better to be alone than lose another and be hurt.

There are scenarios in my life where I gave into emotion,
I thought maybe this person could always be there for me.
But like the slap of a hand, the door slammed in my face
And from the inside I was torn to pieces.

I've built myself up each time, reshaping my wall of security,
A lot of stirred up emotions are constantly kept at bay
Once a boy of optimism and hope who never looked down
Now a man of strength and temper built by the fires of emotional pain.

It may seem that I have the esteem of the world at times
But it takes everything I have just to keep myself held together
It's my friends that make me smile and laugh and dream
That subdues depression that I sometimes can't weather.

I've learned that friends are few and far between
They are unique individuals who each carry a free spirit
They realize alone they'll never make it all the way
That together as friends and family they'll carry more merit

As one of the few and far between, I want my friends to know something....
     I plan on living life to its fullest despite all I've been through
     I plan on fighting for what I think is right and never give up
     I plan on living, loving and laughing more than is possible
     And I plan on always being there for you.

What I ask from you won't be easy; it will require a lot of work
Effort put into the growth of a relationship can only blossom
Our honesty, faith and trust in each other is our foundation.
With life's lack of constants, we should live hopefully, carefully and optomistically.

Always JKG