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One Breath

One breath in and I try to slow my heart
The beating a fast rhythm that I did not start
One breath out and I can feel the strain 
Pulling at my insides causing such intense pain

One look backwards and I can see the broken path
A road disrupted tragically, all that's left an aftermath
One look ahead and I see the continuation of that road
I realize I am alone but must continue onward and forward

One fist clenched as I try to make sense of my life without
Don't understand why it happened or what loves really about
One hand opened and I try to reach beyond this
I still want to find that true love, that true spirit, that true kiss

One foot frozen as I fear the choices I must still make
Trust and honesty something that I simply cannot forsake
One foot forward as I face a chance of getting hurt again
Excited and afraid, I know that this scenario is not the end

One breath in and I have a vision of something new
A life that has promise, a road that again will have two
One breath out as I let go of the past and smile toward the sun
He is still out there, my true love forever is still yet to come.

Both eyes open this time.

Always JKG