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Only Human

The theatre is dark and the movie is through
Each seat beside me still vacant as the people take their cue
The curtain draws together as the roomful finds the door
Me, myself and I wish there was one more.

The streets are crowded and the walkways are packed
So many people around, so few that attract
It's like they are all out of this world aliens, no waves or his
And when they reach home, they don't even wonder why.

On the bus the people sit with blank stairs
Dare not say a word for maybe someone will care
Avoid eye contact at all dear cost
And never accidentally touch, you might brush off the frost.

This so called world of humanity, unity and brotherhood
Where we'd all not try even though we know we could
We'll pretend to stand together and fight as one
But we're back to complete strangers after all's said and done.

It wouldn't be so hard today if we weren't so afraid
The words bigotry and prejudice are what some people are made
They play judge, jury and executioner without being fair
So only the totally normal people can breathe their air.

Our preference is our right that was granted to us all
It's not bent on whatever's universal or generally right or wrong
We make our choices and face the circumstances
It's like life's a big risk, we all take our chances.

How about we not worry about colors or religion
And focus more on the drugs and alcohol that's killing our children
It's like I want to reprimand the world, exclaim to society
Quit being so judgmental, let's search for sobriety.

All of humanity stand witness at my trial
Screams of outcast and devil fly against my cries of denial
The judge rises and silence is cast "Your plea, my son."
"The same plea as anyone else here, your honor ... only human."

Always JKG