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Let me take a moment to tell you something about you 
Don't worry, it should only take a minute or two
Maybe you're too modest to hear what I have to say 
But let me explain how it feels to have a friend like you.

I consider my life one hell of a coaster ride
So many ups and downs and usually at a fast speed
I know I've passed by many people along that path
But I hung on to the ones that I really need.

Not just for myself I should say, for them as well
For friendship is definitely a two way paved street
I consider myself a good friend as well to them
There for them always and forever, never to retreat.

But this is for you, one who stands by me, helps me,
Tries to make me smile when it's the furthest thing away 
Tries to turn the tide when life appears in disarray
Tries to show life's brighter side from it's darkest shade..

Thank you, Samantha, from the bottom of my heart 
Though that may seem so very for within me
That is where I will always carry your spirit and smile 
Never to forget you, hopefully always our lives to share.
Your friend forever...

Always JKG