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Unaccepted White Rose

Once again I had reached out to another
And felt within his heart a true love for me
A similar feeling within my own for him 
Something we both shared simultaneously

He was young, mature, vibrant, and full of compassion
I felt warmth and security by his side
Together the word alone was nonexistent
In each others strength and support we could confide

But in his world I did not exist
A secret kept hidden in fear of rejection
He constantly worried what others would think
Never once would he think of bringing us to their attention.

Time was neither acquaintance or friend
But time apart really emphasized time together 
Still under it's shadow, time would never bend 
And our ship didn't survive the stormy weather

Better now to deal with our personal survival
Than to stand up and keep fighting together
He could no longer believe in trust or faith
And instead walked away from our greatest relationship ever

Now all that's left is an unaccepted white rose
That for now stands so proud and sure of itself
But as it quietly rains, it too will meet our mutual enemy 
And time will slowly with it away like everything else.

Always JKG