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Xena Music Videos I've Done

Some of these can be downloaded from
the following sites or

"Simply Irresistible"
Gab's Looks (w/Todd)

Alti Vs. Callisto

"Soldier of Love"
Cupid Tribute

"Its My Life"
Virgil Tribute (w/Todd)

"Broken Glass"
Eve/Livia Tribute

"Tide is High"
Minya Video  (w/Todd)

"Eyes of a Stranger"
Alti Video

"Circle of Life"
Xenaversity Banner

"Queen of the Night"
Hera Video

1st Charity Video
"Picture This"

Charity Breakfast
Tribute "Unforgettable"

Breakfast Charity
Speakers Video

"Haunting Amphipolis"
Halloween  (w/Todd & T)

Athena Tribute

"Love is a Battlefield"
Pat Benatar
(with T)

Catching, Falling, 
Jumping... In Style!
"Catch Me I'm Falling"

"The Girl Gets Around"
Aphrodite Video

"I'm Your Venus"
Aphrodite Video

"All I Want For Christmas"
Xena's Solstice Wish

I've also done several other tribute music videos.

"The Touch"
Xmen (Movie)

Tribute to
Sept. 11th
Heroes, Living & Lost

"Seal Our Fate"
Captain Janeway 
of Voyager Tribute

Cory, My Son's 
FIRST Video: 
"I'll Remember You:
Tribute to Prue

Human Rights Campaign 
Dinner Tribute 2000
with T & Todd

"I Can't Help Falling In
Love With You"
Tribute to my mother

"Who Let The
Dogs Out"
Tribute to my son

Tribute to Jeffrey
who passed away
Sept. 2001

"Christmas Through
Your Eyes"
Christmas' with 
the Hamiltons

"The First Time"
Tribute to
Todd Allen