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Where Did I Get The Name Mr. Jamester??

I've been called a lot of tings in my life time, but it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I obtained the name Mr.  Jamester. I got the nickname from a friend of mine, Chad. The thing at the time was people adding -ster to other people's name, like Chadster, Philster, etc. So Jamester was born. I had always called Chad by the nickname Mr. Chad too, so thus came Mr. Jamester. Once I became internet savvy and got internet access, I created the email Once I joined the Xenaversity of Minnesota, I introduced myself as Mr. Jamester and it has been that since then.

My actual name is James Keith Gottfried. Where my parents got this 'nickname' from is beyond me, but my entire family calls me Toby. Quite a open invitation to teasing during school I assure you, but I decided to go by my given name and started going by James in High School. That didn't help much because friends would call asking for James and my Dad or brothers would yell to me "TOBY! PHONE!" My friends got a laugh out of finding that out.

I was born in Indiana, so that makes me a Hoosier. But I never ended up staying in Indiana because my father was in the military and we traveled around A LOT, in the US and Europe. Now that I live in Minnesota, I consider Minneapolis my home town and deny all Hoosier connections :)

Baby Toby
Born 1970
Ft. Wayne, Indiana


The Evolution from Snot
Nosed Kid to High Schooler
High School
And After
Mid 20's
Pictures of Jamester NOT for the
light-hearted. Rated X? Close...



These are some of
the TV series that I
really did or do enjoy!


These are some of
the movies that I
really did or 
do enjoy!


Places I've Lived In My Life Education Background

1970: Born: Ft. Wayne, Indiana
1978: Moved: Giessen, Germany
1981: Moved: Lawton, Oklahoma
1982: Moved, Erlangen, Germany
1984: Moved, Indianapolis, Indiana
1987: Moved, Lakeville, Minnesota
1988: Moved, Antwerp, Ohio
1989: Moved, Eagan, Minnesot
          (stayed in Minnesota, but through
          the past decade I've lived in
          Burnsville and Lakeville)
2000: Currently Live In Eagan, MN

Previous High School
Lawrence North
Lawrence, Indiana

Graduated 1988
from Farmington H. S.
Farmington, Minnesota

Graduation 1995
from Brown Institute
Associate Bachelor
Degree in Advertising

Employment My Hobbies/Interests
Paperboy as Teenager

Perkins Restaurant 1987
Dishwasher, Host, Waiter

 Olive Garden Restaurant 1992
Waiter, Trainer

Parrish Industries 1995
Yellow Page Advertising
Graphic Designer

Mobile Media 1996
Mini Magazine Advertising
Graphic Designer, Webmaster

Neighbors Guide
Realtor Magazine Advertising

Graphic Designger

Writing Short Stories/Poems
Graphic Design
Webpage Design
Photo Retouching
Horseback Riding
Working Out
Comic Books
Carpentry Work
Video Editting (novice)
Sci Fi Conventions