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Xena Conventions

I have met some incredible people in my convention travels, from the fans to the stars to the people
who run the conventions. It has been a great experience for myself and my son.

You can check out the pics of all the women I have kissed as Cupid!

Below are some of my favorite Convention Pictures...

Hudson & XOMbies, 
New York 01 
Jamester & Adrienne, 
CH 00 

Anita Autographing 
with Tina, CH 00
Jamester, Alex Tydings, 
Cory, Motor City 00
Jamester, Tim 
Omundson & 
Cory, Chicago 00
Jamester & Ebonie 
on stage Pasadena 01
Ebonie, Michelle, 
Cory, Jamester CH 00
Jamester & 
Ebonie, Mpls 00
Jamester & Meg Foster, 
Cherry Hill 00
Jamester & Paris, 
New York 00
Jamester & Victoria 
Chicago 00
Hudson, Jamester 
& Cory, Chicago 00
Jamester & Hudson 
Valley Forge 01
Jamester & Marina, 
Valley Forge 01
Jamester meets Karl, 
New York 01
Cupid & Kimmie Kat, 
Cherry Hill 99
Darien & Jamester
in Pasadena 01 

Karl, Deb & 
Jamester, Pasadena 01

Jamester & Kevin 
Smith, Pasadena 00

17 Conventions and Counting...whew!
Mr. CONgeniality earned his title.

17. February 15-17, 2002 Pasadena, California Annual Xena Con Renee O'Connor, Claire Stansfield, Hudson Leick,
Tim Omundson, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell,
Tsianina Joelson, Kate Fugate, Katie Stuart,
Adrienne Wilkinson, William Greg Lee
Michael Hurst, Alexis Arquette, Alex Tydings
Jacqueline Kim, Vicky Pratt
16. October 13-14, 2001 Dearborn, Michigan Xena  Sci Fi Con Kevin Smith, Hudson Leick, Kate Mulgrew
15. August 25/26, 2001 Cherry Hill, NJ Xena Convention Tsianina, Victy, Claire, Alex
14. May 4-5, 2001 Pasadena, CA Xena Farewell Con Lucy, Renee ,Hudson, Gregory, Adrienne, 
Alex, Claire, Karl, Tsianina , Darien 
13. March 3-4, 2001  Valley Forge, PA XENA/SCI FI Con Greg, Hudson
12. February 24-25, 2001  New York City, NY  Xena/Hercules Con Greg, Karl, Hudson
11. December 9-10   Long Island, NY, Hofstra Univ. Xena/Hercules Con Paris, Vicky
10. November 25-26th, 2000 Chicago, IL Xena/Hercules Con Hudson, Vicky, Tim
9. November, 2000 Palo Alto, Ca Xena/Hercules Con Greg, Hudson
8. August 26-27, 2000 Cherry Hill, NJ Xena/Hercules Con Adrienne, Meg, Ebonie
7. July 22/23, 2000 Minneapolis, MN Xena/Hercules Con Alex, Ebonie
6. May 21-23, 2000 Novi, MI Motor City Comic Con Alex, Ted
5. January 22-24, 2000 Pasadena, CA Xena/Hercules Con Sorbo, Hurst, Kevin Smith, Joel Tobeck, 
Gina , Victoria, Jeremy , Danielle, Tim, 
Willa, Ebonie, Alison, Meighan , 
4. November 27-28th, 1999 Chicago, IL Xena/Hercules Con Ted, Claire, Danielle
3. August 21st & 22nd, 1999 Cherry Hill, NJ Xena/Hercules Con Claire, Jacquelin, 1st Charity Breakfast
2. July 31st, 1999 Minneapolis, MN Xena/Hercules Con Claire, Danielle
1. July 1998 Minneapolis, MN Xena/Hercules Con Hudson